I see them there
Soaring in the sun
Graceful and content
Going with the wind
Up and down
Back and forth
North, South
West, East
Where ever their heart desires
Not a care in the world
At least not immediately seen
Being carefree with glee
Sun warming their wings
The ground at their beck and call
It could be distracting
Their beauty as it stands
Still I watch them there
Flying by my head
It is then that I see
The truth that is hid
They have the ability
To touch the sky
Disappear where they may
And they’re doing nothing more
Than just teasing me
Rubbing in the fact
They get to fly away
 DSC_0489 (3) DSC_0397 (3) DSC_0394 (3)Montana Rose Photography

3 thoughts on “Fly

  1. Beautiful blog. I often watch birds flying around & wonder what they think in flight & how carefree they are. It must be amazing to just fly around without a care in the world. Looks so peaceful watching them. Very mesmerising in fact.

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    • Thank you so much, Lisa. I am sometimes envious of birds and their ability to fly. My favorite time to watch them is at sunrise or sunset. The beauty of their grace combined with the beauty of the sun in its most….to me is kind of freeing if only for a moment.

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      • Your very welcome. I too am very envious of them, the freedom they have & the abilty to be able to just fly around & see from such great height (altho im not good with heights myself) just amazes me. I love sunrise & sunsets so much so yes it is the best time to see them in such a beautiful setting also. Birds indeed are very graceful.

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