I probably should not post these pictures. They are definitely not my best work.  Far from it really.  The wind was not cooperating, the sun was not cooperating, the clouds were not cooperating, and the dog was in the car (thankfully it was nowhere near hot, she was tired of walking and I was only a few steps away).  I was also trying so hard to stay on schedule.  It was just a day. 

It is funny, because I was not even trying to catch this little guy.  I was actually trying to get just the flowers,  but this guy was moving so fast.  He was seriously all over the place and before I knew it he was in my pictures.  Of course when I actually tried to get him, it was impossible.  Go figure. 
SONY DSCI’m not even sure that I like these pictures, but I’m also not sure that I hate them either…so here they are.

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