The Geese

The other night the dog and I were taking a walk.  As we reached this hilly portion closest to our place, this green laser light was flashing in our direction.  I figured it was someone being whatever and so I dismissed it.  Then as we rounded the pond and this “residential manager”, which is really just fancy wording for, “one step below maintenance man”, came rushing up to me to explain why he was out there at 11pm playing with a laser. 
 SONY DSCI figured it was just my rent money hard at work, but apparently, the company that bought our little community does not want the geese around.  Strangely this annoyed me.  I mean if you are going to have ponds (like 15 ponds) you’re going to have geese…and ducks, but mainly geese.

I’ve got a soapbox full of reasons for why it annoyed me, but I will close it back up.  My main problem was….this apartment complex isn’t what it once was and the geese (and ducks) add some of that back into it.  I also like the ducks and geese.

Walking around and seeing them eying you from a distance as they try to determine if you have bread to feed them.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and we’d go to the duck pond.  Those cheeky little monkeys would always follow us back to the car.  I also think they kind of add a peacefulness (when they are not trying to attack my dog) that is often missing (or at least overlooked) in this world we live in.  I find this especially so come May.

After all, it is not only flowers that May brings with it.   

SONY DSC SONY DSC  SONY DSCMontana Rose Photography

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