Old SD Card and an Old Friend

Yesterday was  beautiful day, so the dog and I decided to take a long walk.  Okay, well, I decided to take a long walk and she was forced to come with me. Anyway, I decided to use the Sony since I hadn’t used it in a while.  I was being lazy and decided to use one of the SD cards that was in that case (all the good SD cards, large GB, were with the Nikon).  So I grabbed the 1GB and thought I’d be good to go. 

I took two pictures and it told me it was full.  Looking through there were still over 300 plus pictures on it.  Over  100 plus could not pull image and the ones that could were over two to three years old.  I remember seeing, editing, and posting these particular pictures (or at least some of them). It is odd that they were still on the card as I don’t often do that, but truth be told I think it was about the time my 1st of what would be three laptops decided it was going to be….well, insert your own choice of words. 

The pictures from three years ago, but also were of an old friend.
SONY DSCI haven’t spoken to him in over three years.  We lost touch shortly after this shoot actually. Time. Differences in paths.  I think of him time from time, but life is what it is.  He was one of the first friends I made upon moving to this state and he was also the first person that I actually “shot” upon owning my first DSLR camera. 

SONY DSCI was also in a black and white mode, but I’m always partial to black and whites.  It was interesting in seeing these pictures today, though.  I not only have better lenses, prime lenses, but my skills are far more adapt than what they were back then.  Still, even back then I had a little something going on. 

Montana Rose Photography

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