Last year, I photographed my first  (and so far only) wedding.

I was asked by a friend to photograph her daughter’s wedding.  I was skeptical, because that is a pretty big deal and I was unsure if I had the skills to pull that off.  I was quite honest about this and the fact that I had never done one, but she was convinced I’d do a great job.  After some careful thought and encouragement, I agreed.  I was so nervous.

DSC_0026-3 I was constantly reading sites and watching you tube videos.  It was a little overwhelming and being on a limited budget…I couldn’t invest in half of what they recommended.  Another friend had been shooting weddings and so I asked her advise.  She was encouraging and helpful.

Trying to follow everything that she said, I was at the church early enough to set up my cameras and try to get my lighting just right.  Everything was perfect.  Of course that was until the ceremony started.

The church was so dark and only had one window. Of course the pastor did not want any flash or distractions (completely understandable) during the ceremony.  I was trying to be confident.  I mean, I had my lighting set up and should have been good to go. Something about more people being added into the mix, being nervous about missing a shot, and not wanting to spend a whole lot of time (or actually having a lot of time) adjusting my camera settings…things went to great fiery place below relatively quickly.

I had never been more relieved when the ceremony and church requirements ended.  The bride and groom were amazing and just went with the flow.  It made it even harder, thinking that I had maybe missed some shots she wanted.  Still by the time it was all said and done, I had ended up with some amazing shots.  Plus, despite the “ceremony” pictures, they loved the photos that they got.

I was ecstatic, but I was still disappointed in missing what I thought would be the most important.  I will do better the next time.
DSC_0332-3 DSC_0324-2DSC_0360-2 DSC_0371-2_1 SONY DSC Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “Weddings

  1. You had a very important thing going for you. You knew that you didn’t know.

    I read on so many sites, “I’m going to shoot my (fill in the blank) wedding and I have this camera and this flash. Is there anything I should know?” My first thought is always, “You should hire somebody who knows what they are doing.”

    You made it through because you took the time to research and plan. You’ll do much better next time because you have the first wedding under your belt. You’ll have an idea what to expect. 🙂

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