Amish Country

I had set out on a photo shoot excursion Saturday to try to get some amazing shots to display in my friend’s salon booth.  I had been seeing pictures of someone I know, taken by another photographer, and comparing my work to theirs.  I know that is a no-no, but it is hard not to.  It was even harder to not get discouraged when the “City” shots that I was taking just were not holding that “wow” factor to me. 

To clear my head, I decided to head to Amish Country.  Very few things make this girl’s heart happier than wide open space, simple living, and the smell of a manure in the air.  Yes, I know…I’m a little weird like that. I draw the line at hog farms, but for the most part that country air is all it takes to lift the weight.  Apparently, it is also all it takes for me to get some shots that make me smile.
  DSC_0157-2 DSC_0171-3  DSC_0204

Montana Rose Photography

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