City Living

I’ve lived in the city for a while now.  Well, technically, I live on the outskirts of the city, but still in the city.  I’ve come to realize that I’m not at all a city girl, but I’ve always thought that this would be an opportunity to get some amazing shots.  I mean after all the city is supposed to have so much to offer.

DSC_0033As mentioned, I don’t really like the city and the only thing that I hate worse than the city…well, it is city traffic.  So, even though I’ve always suspected I’d could get some amazing shots…I’ve never actually made it downtown for that reason. 

Saturday, I decided to finally do it. A friend of mine is opening a salon booth in a pretty high-end salon and wanted to promote my photography.  She put me in charge of “choosing” which ones to display.  I’m a country girl…she’s very much a city girl…um, so yeah.  I decided to try to get some shots that I thought would fit in with her style.  Some city shots. 

During my endeavor I was getting discouraged, because nothing was wowing me.  I had all these visions for things I had seen, but nothing was working out the way that I wanted.  I began to realize that it wasn’t that there was nothing to photograph or that I wasn’t getting some “good” shots.  The problem was….I didn’t have the passion or any real connection with what I was trying to shoot.  Think that I missed that memo somewhere along the line…now I know.

DSC_0005-2 DSC_0015-2  DSC_0006-2

Montana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “City Living

  1. Two points. Robert Capa said, “If the picture isn’t good enough, you weren’t close enough.” That’s both metaphysical and physical. Two, the only way to really photograph something is to spend some time with it. Popping into a place and hoping to make a few good pictures usually doesn’t work… especially if you hate the place. Good luck.

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