Lover’s Leap

I was going to post another “trip down memory lane”, but I figured that two post in a row would be overkill.  Instead, I decided to post some pictures that I took when I was traveling home through West Virgina back in September. 

Now, I’m not sure why I like these photos, but there is something about them that just makes my mind run wild.

DSC_0348-3It’s always the spots that inspire a story that pull me in the most. Funny how that works, isn’t it?  Anyway, for me, Lover’s Leap in West Virginia is one of those muse type places. Of course, it might also have been the fact that this was the day I learned how awesome my Nikon is.   

It was pouring down rain, foggy as could be, and yet I was able to get some amazing shots.  I could say that it was my mad photography skills (and maybe it was), but I truly have to credit the camera here. 

DSC_0353-2As cars were zooming by, I was pulled off to the side of the road.  Standing by my car, I positioned my umbrella just right to keep me semi-dry while I snapped away.

I was quite taken by  the fog coming off the mountains and the rain pouring down.  The scent of rain mixed with the sound hitting the pavement was a sense of peace.  It was as if it was a gateway to creativity as I snapped away and envisioned all the possible stories.

I could clearly picture the lovers and non-lovers alike standing at the wall with their cans of spray paint.  Carefully marking their names into the rock wall as they looked off towards the mountains and the open valley below.  Laughing, making memories, making jokes, falling in love, realizing they were no longer so, making one last moment of romance to end the journey.  Wanting to leave their marks so that others would know they were there.  Ignoring the large white sign on the metal pole that specifically stated vandalism was against the law.  Rules do not apply.
 DSC_0373-2I then began to picture the stories that gave this place its name.  The rumored tragedies of the cliché love stories.  The Romeo and Juliets of our time.  The couples who were thought to have taken the devastating, drastic option when they really just left it all behind.  Lovers that had met at the rock by chance.  Lovers that found the rock on purpose.  Romance and happiness, sadness and tears.  All that this place could possibly hold when in fact it may not be any of the above.


Who really knows what goes on in this place or how it got its name.  I like to think that it is because of the lovers that met there to start their lives.  The stories grandparents tell their grandchildren.  How they left it all behind to start a new life, because they had a forbidden love that they were not willing to give it up.  That this place was for the star-crossed lovers to finally meet after waiting and searching for the one.  Those are the kinds of stories that I like to think this place holds, but the truth is we’ll never really know.  So, with pictures the story is what we want it to be told. 

Have a beautiful day.  Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.

Montana Rose Photography

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