Returned Moments

Many of years ago I went to a concert with a co-worker.  I had been to many of concerts and had met many of country music singers.  I’m not going to go as far as to say that it was an ample amount, but it was a decent list. A longer list than a lot of people can say.  My co-worker, not quite the opportunities….or at least I don’t think. 

It’s funny  now, because I can’t really remember the exact month or year of the concert.  I just remember the performer, the gesture, the words said, and that I was okay with it. 

It was a Keith Anderson concert. I love me some Keith Anderson.  It was outside and after the concert he was signing autographs.  That is about the gist of the details that I remember as far as that goes.  I remember there being a relatively long line to get his autograph and that there was only one spot left.  There were two of us. 

I didn’t hesitate to tell my co-worker to go ahead and take the moment.  She insisted I should get in line with her anyway, but I respectfully declined.  It was not my first rodeo and I knew that it would not be my last.  Something told me that I would get the chance to meet Keith again at a later date. I just didn’t realize what kind of treat I would be in for.  I watched my friend enjoy the moment and went on with my night. 

A few days after the concert, she informed me how she and another co-worker thought that it was stupid and that I should have gotten in line.  I just smiled and said that it wasn’t my last chance.  2013, this would prove to be true. 

St. Patrick’s day weekend, Keith Anderson performed at the Hollywood Casino. I got a couple of friends to go with me and we stood two rows away from the stage.  We sang, moved, and had some amazing moments. More so when one of the guitar players, married, but hot guitar player, continued to look at me.  The woman in front of me would later get jealous when it became quite obvious that I was the one he was looking at.  My friends and I would laugh about it later. 

884398_485934481472227_1892612850_o(The quality is not as good on this picture. I had a far less superior camera at the time. )

The next moment would come when we finally got up to Keith Anderson for pictures and autographs.  I’m not the type of girl that stands in line for just anyone’s autograph, but he is one I will kindly do so for.  When I reached him, he wrapped his arm around me, kissed me on top of the head, and told me how pretty I was.  Moment returned.  I would see Keith again a year later, but I was unable to get his autograph due to some misunderstandings with the place of the event and Keith’s team.  He apologized about it when I mentioned it later on a tweet.  He truly is the man. 

DSC_0128I don’t know if I will get his autograph or even the chance to meet him again.  Or if I will even get the chance to meet that hot guitar player in person.  Did I mention, he sings as well as he plays?  His voice makes me swoon (and I’m not really the swoon type). Still the memories.  The smiles.  That is enough to keep this girl happy. Not to mention, I got some amazing shots to hold on to.  All good deeds, no matter how small, come back around.

DSC_0095 DSC_0078DSC_0077
Live, laugh, love, and let it ride.

Montana Rose Photography

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